U Need a Site?

Let’s get you a site. Turn around can be pretty quick.

We can get you a site pretty quick.


Do you want charts and graphs? We’ll set you up with analytics like you wouldn’t believe.

Rapid Development

Get a site in a mysteriously speedy fashion. Website by Thursday at 2 PM in most cases – it’s like it fell out the back of a truck. 


Collaborate and Listen

Whether you want us to bring your vision to life or create a website for you, we’ve got your back!

Owning a website doesn’t have to be intimidating

We will guide you through the process. You will own it all at the prices you want to pay. We will be completely transparent with you at every stage of the process. We will remove any barriers and set you on your way.

Harness Data for Continuous Improvement

By harnessing the power of data, organizations can make informed decisions to optimize performance, identify patterns, and drive changes for their success.

Experience the thrill of lightning-fast website development

We’ll have your website ready to rock, as if it magically materialized out of thin air via coding wizardy.


Creating Your Ideal Website

Work with us to tailor your site to your business objectives. From captivating designs to robust functionality, our experienced team works closely with you to create a website that reflects your brand and create results.

What People Are Saying

"I'd like to find out what someone would say myself. I need a client so I can find out if this is any good."

– Wes H.


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Our Agenda

We provide a range of services including web design and development, SEO, analytics, and office IT support. Our goal is to help you achieve success without breaking the bank.

Let’s talk about pricing, our rate is $50 per hour. Our commitment to transparency goes beyond pricing. We want you to own everything. When you work with us, we won’t get in between you and your business. If you need a website, we encourage you to own the domain and hosting. This way, you have full control and can make changes whenever you want. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to take charge.

Building a successful website is a collaborative effort. We’re not just here to provide services; we’re here to coach and support you. We will guide you through each stage of the process. Whether you need help with web design or development, SEO, analytics, or office IT services, we’re here to help you with the knowledge and tools you need.

Uneeda Site

Not only can we create an awesome website for you, but we’re also here to provide expert advice and IT services. Give us a call and we’ll help you work through your problems.

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